Our Manifesto

Why Start-Up with Nicole?



My purpose in life is to help.  I want to be a resource for people to use; I want to help people grow in knowledge and confidence.  That purpose pours into Start-Up with Nicole.  My marketing and business consulting company wants to use its knowledge, experience, and innocent ignorance to see your business in a new way.  We want to provide access to the resources you need to start and grow your business, whether you are an early-stage startup, a growing small business, or an innovating corporation looking to build something new.  Start-Up with Nicole wants to help you feel confident in the direction your business is going.

What If?

What if all it took to find success was someone showing you the way?  That’s how we see our business – the flashlight in the dark, guiding you to your destination.  What if, by hiring a consultant, you learned a skill or got new insight, allowing you to move your company to the next level, scaling it, and your revenue, up.  Start-Up with Nicole does just that.  We take our decades-plus years of experience, and infuse the best practices into your business, supporting you each step of the way.  What if your consultant felt more like a partner?  We work hard to make your business my priority.  We take ownership of what we can offer, and we treat you like an equal partner in the decisions regarding your business.  We become full invested in your company’s future with each piece of advice or resource created.  What if your idea is the next best thing?  You would want to work with someone who could take that idea to a real, successful, well-known business.

The Difference

Every company claims to be “different.”  We wish there was a better way to explain it, but Start-Up with Nicole is too.  We are change-makers.  Innovators.  Students.  Instead of pretending that we understand every aspect of business, we understand that we know next to nothing.  We ask questions. We learn your methods and creative processes.  We know that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to business – to YOUR business.  We don’t create a cookie-cutter session, because we know that doesn’t work.  Besides, it’s more fun to tailor our approach to actually fit your needs.  Start-Up with Nicole is distinctive – we create platforms with options.  We create packages with levels.  We create plans that make sense for your company.  We aren’t pushy; we aren’t conventional; we are extraordinary, and we create extraordinary outcomes.


Our beliefs and what we stand for touches every aspect of our business.  Start-Up with Nicole believes that there are no bad ideas, only bad strategies.  We believe that knowledge is power, and it is our job to share the wealth.  We believe that we aren’t the best option for all businesses, but will create the best outcomes for the businesses that work with us.  We believe that rules are made to be broken.  We want to incorporate the leading ideas into what we offer.  We take our own personal and business growth serious, so we commit to continued education opportunities.  We believe in our clients and customers.  We believe that with a little help, they can find success.

Our Promise

We are a small company, but we are also a capable company.  We are a knowledgeable company.  Our team promises that every piece of advice and every resource created is originated from copious amounts of research, effort, and heart.  We promise to learn everything we can about you, your life, and your business in order to offer the best of everything we can offer.  We promise to follow through, to create, to teach, to learn, and to provide.  We promise our best, in everything, every time.



Nicole Royer and the Start- Up with Nicole Team