It’s Time to Stop Sabotaging Your Success [A Letter to You]

Here’s an open letter to anyone who may need it.

Dear Friend:

Your are constantly proving to be your own worst enemy. You set a plan, work your tail off, and just when you’re almost to the point where you start seeing results, you quit, backpedal, or blow off whatever would help you reach your goals. Be it a diet, an education, a relationship, a career – I am frustrated with you, mostly because I want you to succeed, but you keep doing things the hard way and are getting in the way of your best self.

If you imagine less, less will be what you undoubtedly deserve.

You see, friend, I have been there. Time and time again, I find myself having to reach toward the final stretch and I just stop. There’s no good reason for it, but I have done it, and right now, I’m watching you do it. Sometimes, we want a sprint, not a marathon. Sometimes, we want a quick fix or a fast solution. Sometimes, we just want to go through the motions and hope that we get excited about whatever we’re aiming for. The truth is, the real problem is your mindset.

People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals – that is, goals that do not inspire them.” 

So how do we build in better goals so that you can be inspired and achieve them? How can we move this mountain, or climb it, or overcome it in a way that will make us keep pushing forward?

  1. Give yourself a break. Stop the negative self-talk. Understand and accept that failure is a part of growth. Treat yourself with forgiveness and acceptance.
  2. Remember that sometimes it is okay to be comfortable with who and where we are in life. Goals are important, but sometimes it’s great to appreciate where you are. Live in the moment!
  3. Ditch the rules you’ve set for yourself. Weight and waist-size are just numbers. Relationships shouldn’t be determined by looks, careers, and salaries. Career goals should be set with realistic milestones. Free yourself from the restraints that only you have strapped on.
  4. Accept that fear of failure, the unknown, impostors syndrome, success, and of not being taken seriously is a part of life. Everyone has fears – you’re no exception. Accept that fear will help you grow. Accept that fear can be a motivator. Let fear push you forward.

Because, friend, I want you to find success. I want you to reach the next level. I want to watch you reach your goals. I want you to overcome your self-sabotage, because watching you succeed lets me know that I can also overcome the doubt, fear, and negativity that comes with failure. Remember, friend, you are someone who is worthy of being looked up to.


Your Self-Sabotaging Friend

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