What Is Your Personal Brand Saying?

A few years ago, I was approached by a startup for a little digital marketing advice.  The founder was sweet and knowledgeable, but one thing was missing: when I Googled her, I found NOTHING.  “So what?” I’m sure some of you are thinking, but to me, this was a critical issue.  Here was a bright, talented person who desperately wanted to create a name for her brand, but she had failed to create her own reputation.

What is the first thing that you think investors look at when approached by an opportunity?  How about new customers?  Potential employees?  Yes – reputation.  If there is no reputation, then the opportunity seems a bit too risky.  Reputation goes by many names, and here we’ll refer to it as a “personal brand.”

Think of a new company, any company.  Think about their logo, their mission, their message.  Well-branded businesses stand out for the right reasons – memorable logo, a clear mission, personalized message.  Many businesses fall short.  Even worse, most individuals fail to create their own personal brand, and your personal brand may be the most important thing that you put out into the world.

Have you ever approached an opportunity, be it a new job, an investor pitch, or a networking event, and didn’t get the results you were after?  If you truly felt in your gut that you were the right person for the opportunity and it still fell through your fingers, then chances are, your personal branding fell short.  If you haven’t figured out the reason why you’re the best person for the opportunity and why that matters to whoever is in charge of making the final decision (be it boss or customer or holder of the finances), then you’re not setting yourself up for success.

There are 10 main steps that you need to figure out in order to not only secure lucrative opportunities but bring opportunities to you:

1) Know your purpose.  Knowing who you are, what you want, why it matters – this is your mission. If your mission is unclear, then you may misrepresent yourself.

2) Stop thinking about doing it.  We can only accomplish either thinking or doing at one time – and guess which gets you further?

3) Hold yourself accountable.  Fear can consume you – if you let it.  Acknowledging your fears and feeling and working to overcome them will bring you closer to the results you want.

4) Stop sabotaging yourself.  We’re very good at making lists and setting goals…and not accomplishing anything.  Focus on one thing at a time instead of failing to focus on everything.

5) Be your biggest cheerleader.  Many people think that it’s bad to talk about what they do and what they offer – but how are you going to build a reputation unless people know what you can and want to do?  You’ll learn that most people truly want to help you reach your goals.

6) Make meaningful connections.  Research the people you meet with.  Ask them questions and learn about them.  Connect with them on a personal level.  Then, follow-up with them.

7) Use your time wisely.  Did you know that the average person spends nearly 48 hours per month using apps on their cell phones to fill downtime?  Sounds like a poor waste of an opportunity to learn, create, or take care of yourself.

8) Think like a comedian.  Humor doesn’t only help you get through hard times, it helps you cope when things don’t go as planned (and they rarely do).  Plus, comedians are known for shifting each performance in order to build the best set for themselves and their brand.

9) Prevent the top stressor.  If you aren’t already a personal finance whiz, then now is the time to use that extra 2 days a month to become one.  Money matters can mentally knock you down and stress affects every aspect of your life.

10) Have a backup plan.  Luck is when a person works hard for a long period of time and things fall into place.  Create your own luck by putting yourself out there.  Teach people.  Create great content.  Donate your time to the community.  You get back what you put out into the world.

Want to learn more about how to build a great personal brand?  Want to put these tips to work and learn even more?

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Your life holds many opportunities for you- are you putting your best self out into the world so you don’t miss out?

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