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Businesses struggle to find resources they need to be successful

“Start-Up with Nicole” doesn’t just mean startups, it means starting up anything that moves a brand forward – from startup to growing, restructuring to new business development.  Whether you looking for marketing strategy or business consulting, your goal is to build a company that grows for years to come.  Having help from a consultant can help your business:

  • overcome obstacles and setbacks with a fresh perspective
  • develop marketing, sales, and business strategies that work specifically for you
  • additional training to boost productivity and creativity for you and your employees

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What do you look for in a consultant?

"More Like a Partner than a Consultant"

With our company, we’re not looking to work with everyone – we’re looking for the opportunity to help great companies succeed.  Companies who aren’t afraid of hard work.  Companies who are willing to follow through and do everything in their power to build their business.  Companies who want to be on the cutting edge of innovation and growth.  Companies like yours.

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